It’s a love lost
What led us to this point
What brought us here, you know it
And you know you’re right
It is not, it never was, worth it

You know I tried mi amore
I tried to look away and ignore
I couldn’t excuse you anymore
I could take it no more
See, I figured I’m worth more

I know, at the start, it all felt real
The calls kept the deal, real
Your touch felt real
You and I know the feelings were real
So why did you? Never mind it’s a done deal

We talked about a life together
Scaling the heights together
We promised to work hard for each other
You know I tried for us to stay together
But then you betrayed me with another

Saying goodbye hurts, I know
It hurts me more, just so you know
Believe it or not, I saw us grow
I saw us grow old together, you know!
Then you lied, how do I get over such a blow?

I know you did, maybe you still love me
You must have loved her more
It’s not once or twice you betrayed me
You broke my trust when you lied to me
You know you lost respect for us, for me

It’s not once you hurt me
I love you and it hurts, but this time
I choose to love me more
The last thing I want for us, for me
The last of everything, is to hurt no more!

©️ C Akui 2020/11/7

#Carolsinsights #ThatAfricanGirlPoetry

Image c/- Google for illustration only

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