Tucked away in the deep
Torn away from his grip
So tight on her, it was
Her worth slipped
Slowly, into an abyss
Of self doubt, her soul weeps
Wandering the wilderness
Of mistrusts & what ifs
And her confidence
So thin, it bares
Her insecurities
Showing off her fears
Her fear to commit
But freedom, it permits
She rid herself of the narcissist

Her mind escapes
Traversing new scapes
For tingly caresses
For warm kisses
For the spring promises
For steamy hot summers
For agony in the pleasures
For exhilarating ecstasies
For endless possibilities
Of satisfying breathless
Sensual escapedes
Bliss is but in trances
Pleasure in day dreams
Because nightmares
Are her realities

Out of it, she snaps
As her confidence fades
Loyalty in the autumn winds
Blows raising dirt & dried up leaves
Of fragmented emtions
Cleaning up the mess
A heart in, countless pieces
Shattered from promises
That made memories
Of pain & bruises
From lies & more lies
She recludes
In a cabin she owns
Deep in the woods
Cozy in her loneliness
She hides

Bracing for chills
In the cold winter
All too familiar
Numb from hurt
She hides
Her bruised heart
But the bridge, she didn’t burn
Perched on the ledge
Her heart lays in wait

For the one and only
He will sweep her
Off her feet & together
They will ride each other
Into the heartland
Of summer passion
In a love chariot
Drawn by trust
Loyalty & ecstasy

While her lonely loins
Go crisp from the cold
Her heart waits
At the hope bridge
For a happily ever after
Hoping destiny finds
His way home

©️ C Akui 2020/11/23

#Carolsinsights #ThatAfricanGirlPoetry

Photo c/- A Poet’s Haven

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