Babylon reggae say bridges we must build
Reggae on the bridge to the promised land
Bridging songs to the land of milk and honey

Them songs bring not an irie feeling, just hurt, wicked
Babylon burnt bridges to the promised land
Songs on the bridge be nothing but foolery

Foundation for bridges rasta lay on the ground
His life on the line, for we, he bought this land
He paid for all bridges, blood was the currency

True rastaman reggae plays from the ground
Rasta rests making music in the holy ground
Singing songs of freedom, peace and unity

Then babylon comes playing in a reggae band Bald head songs of oppression play in his band
Build a bridge, babylon say you must hurry

I and I rasta in a Wanjiku, we’re not in the band
They don’t play Wanjiku’s song in the band
Reggae songs in the bridge for I and I is vanity
Babylon chants for I and I Wanjiku’s poverty

Songs of oppression they sing in the band
Hurry up, build bridges, choke Wanjiku’s liberty
Pot bellies pretend, we, Wanjiku to represent

Reggae on the bridge be nothing but pretend
Reggae on the babylon bridge is a ticket
For pot bellied bald heads greed & impunity

Reggae is a revolutionary anthem, rastaman’s creed
Who is rasta? I say, not pot bellied baldheads
Nobody stop reggae but one & all stop babylon foolery

©️ C Akui 2020/11/26

#Carolsinsights #ThatAfricanGirlPoetry

Image c/- Google for illustration

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