Do you believe me now?
You stumbled & fell
And the sky didn’t fall
I told you, you’d survive
And live to tell
It has happens to us all
Fear not, it’s not in the fall
Growth is in the rising up

Trust me child
You will fall, not once
Bruises will come
Some from broken trust
Made worse by denial
Festering in betrayal
The wounds will hurt
Brace yourself if you can
Some falls you can’t avoid
Take it on the chin
Fret not, anyone can fall
It’s part of growth

I won’t lie to you child
There are many trip hazards
And will get you, at any chance
Healing will take time
It’s a process, take your time
But heal you will, give it time
Cautious not to get stuck
Expect scars child
Pay extra attention
To the unseen ones

Believe me child
Things can only get better
At your worst
Things can only go up
At your lowest
It can only get brighter
At your darkest
And you can only get stronger
At your weakest

Remember child
With each fall
Comes a lesson
Each time you rise up
You get stronger
You get wiser
Listen to your intuison
It sharpens your sixth sense
It clears your introspection

©️ C Akui 2020/12/3


Image c/- Google for illustration

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