She laboured for decades 
She lost a lot of blood
Weak & in poor health
Our motherland died at childbirth

Leaving behind a legacy of resilience
Her fight gave birth to freedom
She fought till the end, for her children
She fought to give a future, to her children

She fought for the dignity of her children
She fought for their education
She fought for their wealth
She did it all, for the future of her children

She birthed hope, for her Kenyans
Hope to prosper & thrive in her memory
They never got a chance to know her
Let alone a chance to gireve her

She left her children with carers
They betrayed Kenya, they lied
Connned her children out of inheritance
They stole her children’s wealth
The carers lied they’d look after their health

Kenya’s children got nothing
When she died, they still have nothing
They cannot afford an education
They were promised a decent education
They’re entitled to one, but they have to pay
They pay too much, when they shouldn’t

The children have grown
The intellectual growth has been absent
Malnutritioned, they’re in poor health
The children have been neglected
Yet Kenya left them an inheritance
But it twas stolen

The carers bring in guests from far & wide
They wine & dine at the expense of Kenya
They squander her children’s wealth
Hungry & sick the children of Kenya are dying
They are dying young & poor

Those that live, face death
Death of their liberties & freedom
The carers cruel & inhumane
Has brought in the BBI undertaker

Kenya have been ailing for some time
Election has the grave site ready
It knows the nation at death’s door

Kenyans are dying by their numbers
Claimed by all sorts of maladies
Malaria, Aids, hunger, corruption, COVID
Ailments of the mind

CBC the mogue attendant
Preserves Kenya’s dead intellect
BBI the undertaker buries Kenya’s brains
There is grief left, right & centre

Kenya is losing too many of her children
It is worse when it’s doctors being buried
The carers are not bothered
They only care that undertaker gets paid

The funeral services accorded
Our dearly departed
Couldn’t be worse
Than ones given to stray dogs

Last respects would be the least to expect
And a decent send off would be nice
Given the urgency
In signing Kenyans lives away

Kenya our motheland turns in her grave
She weeps in death, for her children
Kenya’s children deserve better
God knows, they have earned that right

But they won’t be getting it
Not from the BBI undertaker
No, BBI shits on Kenya’s legacy

It represents, not, lives lost
At the birth of Kenya’s sovereignty
It represents greed & indignity
It disrespects Kenya’s children
It represents, not, their empowerment

©️ C Akui 2020/12/7


Image c/- Google for illustration

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