I wish you had lived longer mama
Long enough to see Kenya & me
Be all you had dreamt we’d become
Years on end you laboured
And gave birth to Kenya & me
Your sons & daughters before me
Fought for my freedom
They did mama
They fought fo my dignity
They couldn’t stay either
They had to leave too

You fought your fight for me
You bled for my health
My brothers & sisters
Fought to the death
For my freedom mama
For my dignity
They did!

Did you not tell them mama
Did you not tell them to feed me?
Surely you told them
The homeguards, you told them
I have to get an education
You did tell them, didn’t you
To look after my health
You must have told them!

The land you left me
Was enough to feed me
It was, I know its was
Enough to earn Kenya & me wealth
Enough to give us a comfortable life
You bled for that mama
You watered the soil with the blood, didn’t you?
And planted in the soil, your children
For me, for us mama, you did!

But look at me now mama
I know you can see me
I hope you can see me
Please see me mama
Look and see what they’ve done
Look at my life now mama
I’m destitute, everything is gone

The homeguards
They lied mama, they did!
The stole everything
They didn’t look after me
I wish you had lived mama
Lived a little bit longer for me
Maybe I’d have a life then
A life worth living mama
I know I would!

©️ C Akui 2020/12/7

#Carolsinsights #ThatAfricanGirlPoetry

Image c/- @Francis Muhoho

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